Gather with us at Peachtree Corners Town Center! - Peachtree Corners Town Center

Gather with us at Peachtree Corners Town Center!

Peachtree Corners Town Center Peachtree Corners Town Center

With the arrival of the holiday season you can expect family to be in town and parties to be scheduled on the calendar! Preparing a feast for the day of Thanksgiving involves enough time and preparation as is, so allow the restaurants of Peachtree Corners Town Center to host your families and work events this holiday season! 

With the convenience and wide variety of Peachtree Corners Town Center restaurants, there’s an option for everyone! For a work holiday party or conference, employees can be treated to the Lazy Dog fall menu including butternut squash soup, lamb shank pot pie and wild boar chili with indigo cornbread fries. For a nice evening dinner with the family, enjoy the new tantalizing fall menu from Firebirds featuring all the favorite flavors of the season. From grilled short ribs to short ribb grilled cheese for the kids, you can enjoy the taste of fall and family before the big Thanksgiving feast. Pair your dinner with the fall hand-crafted cocktail, Cinnamon Roast, and top off the night with Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Spice Butter Cake.  

Need a quick pick-me-up while you’re out running around with the family or running errands for the work holiday party? Stop by Revelators Coffee and enjoy their Pumpkin Crumb Cake Muffin topped with cream cheese drizzle and their fall flavored hot and iced drinks. 

Bring your family to some of the best restaurants in town and cherish the time you have with them without the worry of preparing an additional meal. The end of the year is always busy, so make it easy to plan for the work holiday events by celebrating with Peachtree Corners Town Center and all of its available restaurants! To explore more of the merchants, click here.

Header Image Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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