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5200 Town Center Boulevard
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

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Please note that the Peachtree Corners Town Green park area is not managed by the Town Center – the City of Peachtree Corners manages the Town Green, and the shopping center is a separate, privately managed property. This is the website for the shopping center. If your request relates to the Town Green, please visit the City’s website for the Town Green, and there you will find options listed for contacting the City. Such requests that the City is able to assist with include: vendor applications for park events; recommendations for artist performances at the park; and requests to reserve the park or use it for private events. If after reviewing their website you have additional questions, Peachtree Corners City Hall may be reached for further assistance at 678-691-1200.

If you are requesting to obtain camera footage for any incidents on Town Green or Town Center property – such as for lost/mislaid or stolen items, vehicle accidents, or property damage – please contact the Gwinnett County Police Department’s non-emergency number at 770-513-5000. An officer will be dispatched and a report will be filed, if needed. Then if there is video footage of the incident, the officer will attach the video to the case number for the incident in question. This is to properly document the incident per department policy – if charges need to be brought in the event of a crime, the video could prove beneficial as evidence.

Please note that if you do not call the police while on the scene at the time of the loss, theft, or damage, and some days are allowed to pass before reporting the incident, the footage may have been erased over with new recordings by that time.