Score Big at Town Center - Peachtree Corners Town Center

Score Big at Town Center

Peachtree Corners Town Center Peachtree Corners Town Center

Some watch The Big Game for the commercials, some watch for the competition, and some watch because it’s their excuse to break their new year diet for the night. Whether you’re rooting for the Bengals or the Rams, you can bet on Peachtree Corners Town Center for your Big Game spread! 

For those who stick to the classics, enjoy wings as your game day staple from Hoots Wings with a variety of seasonings and sauces to make sure you have the perfect winning combination. To feed a crowd, go in on the simple yet convenient party favorite, pizza. Order your wood oven pizza from Fire & Stone Italian Pizza Kitchen ahead of time to ensure that you are ready at kickoff. Pick up a wide selection of finger foods from Lazy Dog to have something that everyone will like from queso dip and chips to cajun fries to chicken lettuce wraps. If you’re on dessert duty, a cookie platter from Tiff’s Treats or an assortment of cream puffs from Beard Papa’s are sure to be the draft picks of the night and make for the perfect halftime show treat. 

Football’s favorite day is only a few days away –  just enough time to plan out your strategy during the calm before the score. Place your orders ahead of the Big Game and be the champions of hosting.

We’ll see you at the Town Center soon… and break! 

Header Image Photo by Sarah Elizabeth on Unsplash

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